DIY: Laser Cut Embroidered Valentine

Make your own embroidered laser-cut Valentine! If you have access to the right tools, this is a really easy project that you can quickly make to share with your friends for Valentine’s Day. Follow this tutorial to make your own!

Step One: Get Together Your Supplies and Tools

To get started, gather all of your materials and tools together first. This project will be done in two parts, first the laser cutting, and then the embroidery. For this project you’ll need:

One sheet 1/8″ basswood board
Embroidery floss
Masking material for wood, I used masking

Laser Cutter
Embroidery Scissors

Step 2: Laser Cut Your Hearts

Using the .SVG file, set up the file with your laser cutter. For best results with cutting, you will need to mask the wood to prevent it from getting scorch marks on the wood. Depending on the power of your laser cutter, you’ll need to follow the correct settings for cutting 1/8″ bass wood so the material is cut through competely, but also does not start a fire. I used a Glowforge laser cutter, so I used the preset settings for medium basswood hardwood. One you have finished, remove the protective film.

Note: If you don’t have access to a laser cutter, don’t worry, you can still make this project. There are plenty of companies, like Ponoko, where you can order laser cut parts.


Step 3: Embroider!

Once you have your materials cut, you can use cross-stitching to embroider your heart with your embroidery floss.

Update: Files for this project are now available on Thingiverse!

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